18 November 2012

Night Time Blogging

Lets get a few things straight here. I just don't know how I will ever be brave enough to have another kid. On Friday night Dan went out to the movies with his boys as Thursday night I went to the movies with my girls and let me tell you. Jude was being so dramatic and continually refused sleep. What a baby! Perhaps not my brightest moment as a mother, but at the same time I am sitting here finding it kinda funny so I thought I may as well share. I sent Dan a series of angry parenting text messages that he did not immediately read because for the first time ever in all of his 29 years of life he actually turned his cell phone "off" instead of to "vibrate". So anyways, the last of the angry parenting text messages was ... actually, I'll just show you.


Pretty good, huh? All is well though, Jude is fine, he made up for the lost sleep on Saturday (but we missed his little friends birthday party, sad face) and life will go on. Seriously though. I love my little baby to the moon and back and more and if it wasn't for that love I don't think I'd have another baby. Siblings are so much fun and I want that for him and for the potential sibling, so he better enjoy it when it happens. Ha! And then, about having more kids. A part of me is still kind of I don't know, maybe annoyed (?) but that is not quite the right word, at Dan. Perhaps angry? I remember asking him after Jude was born how he could stand watching me go through that. And do you know what he said?! He said "..well, I knew you'd be fine". Can you even believe that! HE KNEW I'D BE FINE???!!!! The nerve. I'm getting all upset all over again. I need to calm down- you probably need to too.

These pictures shall help us all calm down.


Jude and Gabe were reunited this past week. It was so fun to watch the two of them roll around all over each other sticking their feet in each others faces and sucking on each others binkies. When Kassie and I meet up we always think it would be so cute to have twins, but the novelty wears off when we compare horrible sleeping stories and realize it would be everything times 2. Bless you, parents of multiples!


This is an especially calming picture. Ah man. The Pennsylvania Dutch Market where Kassie lives makes the best soft pretzels I have ever had in my whole long life. I think it has to do with the dipping in of butter. Good grief.

And with that, I wish you sweet dreams.  Sleep tight you bunch of cutie pies.


2 woot-woots!:

Mindy said...

I showed Shane this post and he responded "tell her I've got a whole phone log full of those." lol. Totally normal, and yes, the nerve of some of the things our men say about labour/mothering. :)

Eve said...

I second mindy. I am always sending Sean Angry mom texts, especially when he is working. He totally has the sweet end of the deal, escaping to work all the damn time. And its not like im not qualified to work either... thats what makes staying at home dealing with it all even harder. ARGH.