08 February 2013

It's the freakin' weekend baby!

Gonna have me some fun.

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Have you been looking for the weekend too? Good grief, I have. I finally saw the light of day yesterday, after being the sickest I've been since 2006. I am glad this week is drawing to a close for a number of reasons, my two favorite include: being able to almost taste food again and the decrease in the amount of times I feel like my ears need to pop (5xdaily instead of 89xdaily). I hope the sicks stay away from us for the rest of forever.

While languishing in my bed and periodically giving suck to my child I would doze off playing with my phone or hallucinating. Is it just my Groupon app, or is yours too full of laser hair deals? I am pretty sure that Groupon now exists to make America hair free. If I am ever in the market I'm going to have to pay attention. This one says $99, that one $79 and the the other at $125. AHHHH! Someone navigate the land of Groupon Laser Hair Removal and please tell me which to purchase. Headaches.

Jude is extremely large. I have a large child. His large body snakes around mine as I nurse him all the while he uses his monkey legs in an attempt to vault free of my grasp but would still like the breast to come with him. I don't really think Jude is thinking things through quite yet. His little piggies stick out of his car seat and his bare ankles show when he stands up. He needs some new pants but I'm rather annoyed that his bones won't slow down and wait for spring when new clothes are suppose to happen. Internet, if you would like to send him baby clothes feel free :), and long ones, please.

So weekend, I'm ready for you. Lets so do this.

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