30 January 2013



Most of the time, when trying to be more healthy, looking at Pinterest food makes me feel like I indulged and I can move on. But oh, tonight the Pins of Pinterest are taunting me. And I do not like it. Oh well. The only way the rest of this baby weight is going to come off is through one good decision at a time. I feel like I have officially come out of Jude hibernation and have the energy to make better decisions.. kinda wish I had that energy earlier but dude, this kid and his sleep. I often wonder what pregnancy #2 will be like (if). Do you think there is a chance I will not gain as much? I don't know. Really I want to be healthy, meaning easing off the sugar and flour and butter, for the baby, you know. And for my butt. This is boring, I'll move on.

Dan does great impersonations. Just now he was doing Jude because Jude is sleeping and we miss him. Actually, baby impersonations are pretty easy to do - I can even do good ones. They make us laugh so hard.

All I've been reading on the internets is about how much everyone hates January. I can't say I feel the same. Living in Virginia does not make me hate the month of January at all. January is glorious. Yeah, it's winter but it is like the baby of winters. And babies are cute and cuddly and sweet. I know what the adult version of winter is like and that is actually no joke. Adult winter is not sweet and cuddly, it is full of harsh criticism that is ready to bite you in the butt the second you step out the door. I may be the only one to say it, but this place deserves some winter credit. If I step outside here in the land of Virginia, winter does not bully me from one heated building to the other - no, it says "Patience, come take a walk with me, lets get to know each other"! And walk we do! Summer on the other hand is an evil old person full of fire. My delicate complexion does not get along well with summer in Virginia. Oh geeze, it's coming fast.

Dan surprised me when he suggested we watch Sleepless In Seattle, so I gotta get out of here and enjoy a classic with my sweetheart... on this sweet and cuddly winters' night. Mmmmmm, hmmmmm!


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Jasmyn said...

Oh, Patience, you make me laugh. I'm glad to have never really experienced the adult winter as you have in the frigid north, so I'll take baby winter anytime too!

Here's to February! (And a 5th anniversary, right?) :)