20 February 2013

A Gem

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hashtagthrowbackthursday //  hashtagbabyjude

Hashtags are weird. I enjoy them, but still there is something strange about it all. Is the point of them simply to see whose weirdest hashtag can trend or are they really for organization. I can't decide. Looking into the depths of my phone I found this sweet little Jude picture and had to post it for the wide blog world to see on the eve of Throw Back Thursday. Babies are really great- when you are ready for them. Amen, and amen. But can one ever be ready for something that never wants to sleep because life is so exciting? Probably not but it can still be great.

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Dave and Rashelle said...

Oh love this picture. I can't believe how fast that infant stage goes...can't wait to have another little squishy one to snuggle all day!