17 April 2013

Toddler Pancakes

Listen guys. This recipe is still in the works and it is not yet how I want it to be. Buuuuuttttt you keep asking for it so against my better judgement I'm going to give you what I deem the imperfect version. If you have suggestions or end up making them and 'adapting' the recipe as the Food Bloggers like to put it, please share. One word of warning. Under no circumstances should you add chia seeds. I kind of knew that they are a natural thickener because I recently pinned a chia seed jam recipe that I am really excited about but the whole idea of chia seed as thickener was still pretty new so like an idiot trying to put the most nutrients into my child as possible I threw some in this batch. Basically that was an incredible run on sentence telling you the exact same thing as the previous sentence. See, I'm nervous about this recipe because it's not quite right yet and it's showing in my writing.

The first time I made these I just poured and added cooked vegetables and then how about a splash of vanilla! I did not take notes. The second time I didn't take notes either. This last time I took notes and then made them too thick but couldn't really change that. So this is what I think the first and second batches consisted of.

 photo DSC_2101_zps70d0091d.jpg

Jude Cakes (I changed the name, feel free to add your kiddos name in there, they'll love it)

2 C cooked squash, cubed (I cube mine and steam it as roasting the squash in my oven right now would heat up my whole house and cause me to sweat a lot, ewe)
1 1/4 C oats (I think I used old fashioned, don't make me go check, just use what you have)
1 1/2 C fresh spinach, pack it about medium (what does medium pack mean? I'm not sure but it feels right)
1 banana
2 eggs
1-2 C milk/mylk
water, as needed
2 tsp vanilla

Put all that good stuff in a powerful blender or food processor and let it blend and blend until smooth. I put about one cup of milk in and then add more as needed. I get a little tired of adding lots of milk so somewhere in there I'll switch to water. I know, vague much? Just remember you asked for it. I prefer when the batter is a little thin as these are very moist pancakes and if they are a little thin they cook through better. I make my pancakes with about a two inch diameter and cook the heck out of them on my griddle. About 3ish minutes per side. And the yield here is huge. Be prepared to spend some time in the kitchen flipping your Jude Cakes. Once these cute little green things have cooled I put them between some parchment paper I cut into squares and then into a container for freezing. To reheat I pop them in the toaster until they are heated through. My Walmart special toaster tells me that is about a '4' on the toasting dial. Jude will eat these plain and I like them too. We have yet to adorn them with toppings because someone is a way messy eater and I get sick of peeling Jude Cakes off someones butt because someone always sits on a few pieces. Lest we add syrup to that situation.

 photo DSC_2102_zpsb32b106d.jpg

There. The imperfect recipe is all yours. No complaining. In the words of my mother "like it or lump it!". (but may your Jude Cakes have no lumps)

3 woot-woots!:

AKutarna said...

YES!!! Thank you thank you!! I have been trying to find the perfect Jude Pancake ever since I saw you make them on your instagram. I haven't found them yet, so I am glad you posted this. Can't wait to make them!

nomadic gnome said...

Can't wait to try these! I did some this week with grated zucchini and carrots, but they still had flour and salt in them, and I thought, self you can do better than this.

bunnyand lula said...

yum! I would eat a stack with yogurt and blueberries.