08 March 2013

Firetruck and Such

Last weekend I had so much energy, not so much for this one. Back in the days when I did not own a Rooster (aka Jude) I used to start my weekend celebration on Thursday nights cause the next day was Friday and then the weekend! Late Thursday/Friday/Saturday nights? Who cares, it's the weekend! The days of no Rooster, I was so innocent.

So last night I gave my old ways a little spin again and now I feel and look like a truck ran me over. It's my own fault I didn't leave Fondue Night a little earlier, but as always, I just couldn't help myself. Chocolate, friends, laughs? I just couldn't. And in the spirit of my old ways my mouth got away from me and oh the things I said! I think some of my girlfriends may think I need to be saved. Join the party, it's hosted by Dan ;). Just kidding Dan, it's actually hosted by God. All jokes aside though, I often wonder if I should share some of my actual opinions here. I feel that they often come through when reading between the lines but when I actually sit down to write it all out I typically end up putting those cards back in the deck. And if I put it all here what am I going to talk my face off about to my 28 sisters? Another big thing about blogs is I really like ones that make me laugh- that help me decrease the serious in life because we all know there is enough of that to go around for a looooong time. Just ask me about my Father, or maybe don't.

I'm getting too serious already! Here, let's lighten this party up- I shall show you what I have going on upstairs right now:

 photo photo_zpsb3865cd8.jpg

A little sleeping firetruck with long blonde hair that probably needs to be cut. Dan took him for a mall walk yesterday afternoon while a dentist was drilling into my molars (the nerve! the pun!) and the man with the free balloons asked "what color would she like?" Well, I never. He looks very much like a little boy in his tight striped leggings, clutching his purple sippy cup! Thank you very much. It actually amuses me and I don't really mind. I mostly feel awkward for the man that made the mistake because he probably felt awkward.

So here is to a busy weekend with no energy, but still, it should be a good one.

                                                       ....and thinking a lot about you, auntie bunny, we love you so much

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