14 March 2013

Mutually Assured Destruction

This past Christmas Dan and I filled each others stockings with a few fun doo-dahs and then we thought it would be so sweet to add some coupons. I don't remember who suggested the idea, but I was on board, mostly to see what coupons Dan would be willing to offer. He got all fancy on me and used colored paper and markers and tape and all I did was write them down in a card. That's not the point though. The point is, is these coupons are awesome. We each offered up a few redeemable things that we typically don't do for the other person. Among my offerings was the watching of an old movie from start to finish with no media (iPhone, computer... may the Good Lord help me) and 3 sleep-ins (I would take our little Rooster to play while Dan sleeps because Dan always does this for me on the weekends, bless his heart).

Those damn coupons. We keep threatening each other to redeem them. I don't know what we were thinking when we wrote them out- surely The Christmas Spirit had blinded us from knowing our true capabilities. Dan keeps bringing up his Sleep-Ins. Then I'll narrow my eyes and tell him I'm going to cash in my Dan Flosses Every Night coupon and then silence. Just a little bit of a Cold War situation going on over here, you know, nothing too serious. The only thing protecting my sleep-in weekends is the fact that Dan's large fingers are very hard to put in his mouth. I am thankful for these things. After the giving and exchanging of our coupons, I thought 'awe, lets do this every Christmas'. I was so naive. These coupons give each of us the power to inflict catastrophic damage on the other and this power is too great! It's too much! If I've learned anything from this experience, it is don't ever ever do Christmas coupons. May you be wiser than we.

Having nothing to do with coupons, I have to now tell you all about a most delicious recipe. Click here friends. We had these for dinner last night and they were so good... so good that I have to share. Definitely going into our rotation. Everything I make with fresh ginger I love. I always mean to use it more. Do you have any amazing fresh ginger recipes?

 photo photo_zpsd56b4c84.jpg

And then a reminder of how handsome my shaggy headed boys are.

 photo photo_zpsd76b150f.jpg

So handsome, right?

4 woot-woots!:

Emily said...

This is by far my favorite post of all time. I was laughing so hard - I love the coupon story! Please don't forget to update us if one of you cashes in. lol

Patience said...

Dan says he is pretty certain he is cashing in a Sleep-In this Sunday morning. All I have to say, is watch out, gingiva!

Emily said...

Gigivna! You kill me. haha You know I think of you every time I floss - since you were so diligent in the French house... and well I try to be diligent and think you'd be proud. ;)

AKutarna said...

Hahaha!!! I am going to put coupons in my own sock this Christmas "from Joe." He won't know what hit him. I am def. gonna try that recipe!