01 March 2013

To Fun!

It's Friday morning and already our weekend is packed and I can't wait! Sometimes I just want to sit on my ol' butt and cuddle my loves all weekend long but not this weekend. To Maryland we go! Cafe Rio! Dinner Party! Friends! (I wish that one could be 'Family!') Which also means a huge trip to the grocery store with Jude in a few hours as to keep our Saturday open for fun. It seems that all we do on the weekend these days is errands. Boring. We are gonna have us some fun.

The other day I was browsing through my draft blog posts which is always a fun activity. I have 41 of them and among the rejects I found this little ditty that made me laugh. Here you go:

A Great Evening

1 Catch up with Nunu

1 Bean and Quinoa dinner

45 mins Rollerblading

1 Mooning of your husband while rollerblading

1 Cadbury 100 calorie slim bar

And that was it, a short recipe describing how to have fun. Feel free to use those ingredients over the weekend. Only good things will come of them. All things being equal, this evening will consist of similarly good things like: 1 Best friend date, 1 Sleepover, 12-33 Googlings of sweet baby boys, 2-3 Servings chocolate/warm donuts, and perhaps 1 Mooning (?? Kassie, shall we?? haha).

Have a great one and leave those errands for another day because errands on a Saturday are boring. Please moon someone for me as well. (honesty it really isn't as immature as you are thinking. it is quite funny) (Jude moons me all the time, maybe I'll moon him)

 photo 91b21d7a-84af-47ca-97de-5387b8cd8f98_zps5e114be6.jpg

 photo photo_zps7c043b99.jpg

3 woot-woots!:

Kassie and Jordon said...

Its been many moons since I've been mooned or been the moon-ee (?). But your musings on mooning reminded me of when we were in college and you used to bite me occasionally. Now I don't know of which I'd rather be the recipient....

Emily said...

I totally remember being bitten too!! hahahahaha. And this mooning idea - I want to details of this event! I can't decide the best place for me to participate here, I wonder if Frenchies would be accepting of this practice? I do recall being mooned while on the bateau mouche in Paris... but they were drunk. Jealous of the weekend getaway. Actually, super jealous.

Patience said...

I do love to bite ;). I try not to anymore though because the last think I want Jude to be is a biter. It's so hard. Just moon someone you love and then it will end up being really funny and not crude.