15 May 2013

Freshly Picked Winner

Ladies and... well, I really don't think Gentlemen actually read this. So, Ladies, the winner is...


I'll email you right away and we'll talk about how to get these little moccs on the piggies of your favorite child. And I just have to let you know, that I tried to make Jude pick a name out of the bowl but he wanted everyone to win as demonstrated by a fist full of names he chose so I had to close my eyes and pick just one out. Lauren, you lucky dog! I was trying to figure out a way that maybe I could have won but although I'm not always the most honest of people, even I couldn't figure out how to rig it for myself. Ha ha. Enjoy Lauren and sorry everyone else. I'll see if I can't get some more giveaways going! Any suggestions? 

2 woot-woots!:

Lauren said...

Amazing! Kiss kiss!

Eve said...

how do you get products for give away anyhoo? I think the next one should be something for the mamas :)